(Higher Secondary Education Board, Delhi)
(An autonomous body, established for development of education under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of India. and programmer of action 1992 Govt. of India)

Project Information Memorandum
Approval of working as a Vocational Training Programme, Primary,Secondary Educationunder Trust with Regarda RTI Education Act2009
Name : Ucchtar Madhyamic Shiksha Mandal
Corporate Office :
Registered Office :
Key Promoters :
Constitution : Education Society
Business : Providing Education Services

Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi is an autonomous body, which is established to development of education under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of India and programme of action 1992 Govt. if India. It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Higher Secondary (10th), Senior Secondary (12th) education and other vocational courses (Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India. With the help of educational experts to educate on educated boys, girls, men and women to upliftment the literacy in India. Ucchar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal, Delhi is an autonomous body, which is establishedfor development of education under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of India and programme of action 1992. It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Higher Secondary (10th), Senior Secondary (12th) education and other vocational courses (Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India. With the help of educational experts to educate uneducated boys, girls, men and women to upliftment the literacy in India so that they can serve society effectively and with dignity. Board may impart education with international techniques and with stress on morally, mentally, physically and socially personality. Ours is an autonomous body and all educational boards/universities are autonomous bodies. Each educational organisation having discretionary powers. According these powers every board/university/state Govts./service. But we do our best to make success the non formal education programme. All the education programme that by the board is board own autonomous education programme locality, Validity, Utility of the education programme is strict conform with the constitution of India law of the land under Article 19(1) G, 29 & 30.

Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi proposes of work as a board of facilitate Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in all over India and also going to establish around 50 branches all over India with a capacity of around 50 to 60 Students at each branch. The Proposed Facilities will be developed by distributing affiliation to different organizations working in the same field who fulfils the following terms and conditions of the board to fulfil its aims and objectives :-
1. Any educational institute which working for the development of education.
2. Any registered Society/Trust which working for the development of education.
3. Any experienced person/educationist who run an educational institute.
4. Min. 6 Study Rooms (12x16) 2 Lab Rooms, 1 Office room.
5. Affidavit by President.
6. Map of the Institute.
7. I.D. Proof & Four snaps.
8. List of Teaching & None Teaching Staff.
9. Demand Draft for Affiliation Fee.

NON RECURRING : Rs. In lakhs
1 Building 80.00
2 Furniture/Equipment including kitchen equipment 10.00
3 Teaching learning material and equipment including library books 12.00
4 Bedding 3.00
TOTAL 105.00

1 Maintenance per student per month @ Rs. 750 45.00
2 Stipend for student per month @ Rs. 50 3.00
3 Course books, stationery and other Educational material @ Rs. 50 month 3.00
4 Examination Fee 0.05
5 Salaries :
1 Warden cum teacher
2 Full time teachers
3 Part time teachers
2 Support staff-(Accountant/Assistant, Peon Chowkidar and Cook)
6 Vocational training/specific skill training 8.00
7 Electricity/water charges 2.50
8 Medical care/contingencies @ Rs. 750 child 3.75
9 Miscellaneous including maintenance 2.00
10 Preparatory camp 0.75
11 PTAs/school functions 0.75
TOTAL 101.25

*Based on calculations for 500 Students. The number of Student can, however, increase.
Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi will arrange the fund the following resources :-
1. Membership Fees from Members of the Society.
2. Donations from its Members and Other Organizations.
3. Affiliation Fee from its Affiliate Branches.
Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi is registered under Societies Registration Act, (XXI) of 1800 as on 02-02-2011 for the purposes of facilitates Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Facilities in all over India and for this purpose it is in the process of getting the approval from Human and Resource Division. Department of Education, Delhi.


• To mange, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India.
• To promote Indian education all over the world.
• To work for community development and welfare of the economically and socially backwards.
• The provide opportunities of education for economically poor and needy.
• The open educational institute for young kids and unemployed youth.
• To organize seminars, symposium for young and old.
• To work for the educational uplift of illiterate.
• To promote cultural and social activities by arranging cultural programmes and sports.
• To arrange competitions in very fields of education for the growth of young, kids and youth by giving the prizes.
• To arrange picnics and educational four programmes.
• To maintain educational library science equipments and play room.
• Computer facility will be provided to all.
• To provide free education for helpless and poor and also to rural areas.
• To provide cultural education and social sprit among the society.
• To start open establish and promote the computer institute.
• To provide non formal education and to contact research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education.
• To arrange and mange the vocational training institution in typing hand, computer, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, dancing, yoga, physical, fashion designing, cutting tailoring embroidery, batiks, beautician and in other professional training subjects courses.
• To promote literacy, cultural, and other social activities by awareness programmes symposiums, cultural programmes, press conference and seminars.
• To provide food clothes medical aid, stationary, laboratories, rearing room, hostel, playground, swimming pool and other facilities to student.
• To provide scholarships and help to the student and awards for their excellent academic performance.
• To provide free confessional education to the helpless, poor and needy students, specially to the handicapped student.
• To preface the awareness generation kits, posters banners, audio video cassette, puppet show, skill documents etc. on various social issues and for the attachment of the aims and objects of the above trust.
• To publish books, crafts, illustration, journals, magazines, news letter paper and other publication on the different subject and in different language for the promotion of above aims and objects of the above trust.
• To assist and co-operate the other association, societies, trust on their work/activities whose aims and same like this board.
• Grant of medical help to the poor, grant of medical help to the person effected during famine, floods.
• To start establish fun, manage and control various Anath Ashram, old age homes, children’s home all over India as and when the board of trusts may decide time to time.
• To organize meetings, seminars, discussions and press conferences to legal demands and fundamental nights provide by the constitution of India.
• To take up effective but reasonable’s lawful steps for eradication of social such as dowry system, child marriage, child labour, use of intoxicated drugs/wine/smack etc.
• To young and old workerunmarried mother victims of advections and their dependent children through residential care and vocational tracing.
• To approach and to encourage the people to donate blankets, drugs, clothes or any other articles of necessary and also provide the same to the needy man , woman and children..
• To provide free legal medical and socio-economy help assistance to the poor and needy person.
• To conduct training and research programs for control of the pollution caused disease and to maintain develop the herbs. Forest environment, species of animal, bird, wild life, well lands etc.
• To create a form of senior citizen where they can exchange their various view and experience which may be make able to younger generation.
• To establish and manage various kinds of educational, cultural, social and welfare training centers in the field of industrial scientific, technical, agricultural training institutes of introduced and develop professional courses.
• To provide help and assistance to the physically handicapped people/children in respect of artificial limbs and give them vocational training and different technical/non technical/professional Industrial and on the other subject fields which will them independent.


1.1 The object for which the trust is established is education, Relief to poor, medical relief or Advancement of any other object of general public utility and for the such purpose as, but not involving the carrying on of any other activity for profit.
a. To spread and proving Play School related services providing in, Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal play school & other play school services education, learning or training of computer.
In All its branches is such A manner as the Trustee may fit including :
1. Imparting education and training to comically backward and deserving students without any distinction of caste, color or creed.
2. Establishment and maintenance campus for society’s board. Class I parting system board of play school, colleges study centers and other institution universities for imparting Education.
3. Establishment and support of fellowship, and prizes for enhancement of education and training.
4. Placement scheme for student or other people of doing work for minority people as in education or any other shame launched by government & opening call centre of this type of work in future.
b. Medical relief in such manner as the trustee may think fit including :
2.1 1. Providing Board services by govt. of India & state govt. provide book as par norms of NECRT.
2. The creation maintenance supply or of support of garden, gymnasiums physical culture centers, sport centers and other means or recreation for advancement of sports health and hygiene. Operate the study centers & others of general public utility, includes :
3. Grant of medical help to the poor and grant of medical help to deserving person during epidemic, tamine, flood, earth, quake or any unforeseen calamity or war like operation. Ngo-Hard cabs all state govt.
c) Other objects of general public utility, includes :
1. To construct to bell-up to maintain, to run, to manage to take over the community hall, dharma shalls for poor people, sari, cultural centers, rest house or any accommodation for the welfare of the people. To buy & lease the land from government authorities or any other private organization or any person.
2. To establish and develop institution for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally reared person any ot provide them education, food clothing or other help.
3. To help to the windows the needy the orphans, the old destitute and the in capacitated handicapped in the from of monetary assistance medical aid, scholarship for education.
4. To establish/Maintain and develop study centre for student like class 1st to 12th according to NCERT by Govt. Rules.
5. To establish/maintain and develop centre for vocational training new Technology IT programme, engineering & medical colleges & board in regular & distance Mode.
4.2 To meliorate the culture, education and socio-economic condition of the people by undertaking multidisciplinary action and programs.
4.3 To create awareness and educate people about the ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family and the society at large and undertake identification and rehabilitation of drug addicts.
4.4 To evolve culture-specific models for the prevention of alcoholism and substance followed treatment, and rehabilitation of addicts.
4.5 To provide a wide range of community based services for the identification motivation, counselling and de-addiction and rehabilitation long with aftercare and on the addicts.
4.6 To promote collective initiative and self help end leaveonamong individual and group valuable to addiction or found at risk.
4.7 To establish appropriate linkage between state intervention and voluntary effort towards prohibition and substance abuse prevention.
4.8 To increase community participation and public cooperation in reducing the demand for depend producing substances.
4.9 To work for democracy, good governance, realization in reducing the demand for depend and cooperation including NGOs cooperation and coordination programs.
4.10 To establish, maintain and run community centers, bar at Ghar other public utility services.
4.11 To establish, maintain and run hospital, medical institution, sanatorium mobile dispensaries, after care clinic, homes and child welfare centers.
4.12 To establish, support acquire, run and for grant aid and other financial assistance to school nature at any place in India, for use of students and the staff for development in particular and for advance of education delusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.
4.13 To publish books, monographs, periodicals, review pamphlets souvenirs without any motive to profit what so ever.
4.14 To provide help to the destitute physically handicapped people, mentally retarded children, street children and poor without any distinction of caste, color and creed.
4.15 To establish health care facilities as charitable dispensaries, laboratories and hospital in the target areas.
4.16 To establish libraries, meditation, yoga naturopathy, ayurvedic, homeopathic centers for elderly in the target areas.
4.17 To grant relief during natural calamities nature and to give donation subscription on contribution to institution/establishment or person doing such other occasions of calamines of similar nature and to give donation subscription on contribution to institution/establishment or person doing such relief work, or person effected directly.
4.18 To establish vocational training centers for women for improving their skills in the field of knitting sewing, embroidery, painting, boutique etc.
4.19 To establish hospital, dispensaries, laboratories, rehabilitation and camps to treat the drug addic t, HIV (AIDS) victims.
4.20 To establish libraries and open education system centers in affiliation with institution/universities for target rural and urban slum population.
4.21 To establish and maintain hospital nursing home, polytechnic, eng. College public school & college,dispensary, clinics, library, computer training centers & constructs Mandir Dharma sala in any part of India for general public.
4.22 To establish undertake the programs of women improvement strengthening of boarding and hostel facilities for gril. Family counselling capacity building self imployment and removal of gender discrimination.
4.23 To bridge the gap of economic divide in between the poor and rich by undertaking the programs of poverty eradication, vocational training and tribal and indigenous people development including community based rehabilitation.
4.24 To implement general awareness programme in school regarding.
1. Sanitization to health, nutrition first aid, medical care and basic measure to prevent the diseases.
2. HIV/AIDS and its prevention.
3. Family life and family planning.
4. Sanitization to traffic rule :-prevention on any seeking helps from CATS/PCR.
5. Child labor and abuse rule :-sanitization to human rights.
6. Sanitization to ill effect of social evils like dowry system, child marriages, smoking, Tabacco chewing, alcoholism and and Drug abuse etc.
7. T collects subscription fund donations in aid for fulfillment of aim and objects of the society.
4.25 To establish, undertake promote and expand hospitals, nursing home and research centres in any field of medicine and train health workers to promote preventive and curative health services.
4.26 To establish, undertake awareness building on merits of Indian system of medicine and homeopathy and promote and propagate curved Sidha Unani, homeopathy, yoga and naturopathy broad.
4.27 To establish, undertake and participate meals and organize health camps, training workshop for ISM & H practitioners, community awareness meeting, yoga in primary schools and cultivation of medicinal plant in rural/tribal areas.
4.28 To establish, undertake training fellowship/exposure visit and assistance for exchange program/seminar conference/workshop on India system of medicine and homeopathy and set up demo strain windows/touch screens in important public places.
4.29 To facilitate measures, which enhance efficiency cost effectiveness and up gradation of harvesting, drying grading, packaging, transportation and storage of medicinal plants and undertake general and specialized surveys of national and international market for medicinal plants and products.
4.30 To establish, undertake, promote propagate, encourage and manage cultivation of botanical and medicine at the edge of extinction.
4.31 To establish, undertake and active medical compn. Blood donation campn. Eye operation camps, pulse polio drive, intensive immunization, population educational including reproductive maternal and child medicine at the edge of extinction.
4.32 To detect spread of HIV infection and make appropriate strategy for prevention and control, other highly sensitive disease care and cure.
4.33 To impart education to the poor, helpless and children/students, and to provide medical facilities would be provide to the poor persons.
4.34 To manage relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as earthquake, foods droughts, famines, fire, riots and pestilence.
4.35 To establish, undertake and provide relief and help to the aged, blind, lame, deaf, dumb, orphane , disable or person incapable of earning their livelihood or any or more of them and establish home and institutions for the benefit of such persons.
4.36 To establish, undertake bird and animal and animal welfare program and manage sheller house for looking after the stray animals ambulance service to animal in distress birth control and immunization of stray dogs.
4.37 To establish, undertake promote and develop naturopathy, yoga acupressure and acupuncture.
4.39 To establish undertake protection and promotion of culture and natural heritage develop strategy for promotion of tourism by conservation of tangible and tangible heritage and thereby the employment potential and eradicating poverty.
4.40 To manage and administer an orphanage old age home, nursing home, hospital library reading room, trust, school, college and other institution irrespective of cast creed of social status and take over absorb or amalgamate with any other society of trust or association in which the society may be interested.


• Our motto is Education, Health & Character
• To give the best possible teaching and training to its students so that they can serve society effectively and with dignity.
• Democratizing higher education by taking if to the doorsteps of learners.
• Providing assess to high quality to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region of format qualifications.
• Offering need based academic programme by giving professional and vocational orientation to the course.
• To promoting and developing distance education in India & Abroad.
• To individualised study-flexibility in terms of place and duration of study.
• To give cost effective and self employment education programme.
• Student support through the services network.


The final examination in theory and practical and held at the end of the session in March/April and in supplementary exams at Sep./Oct. a candidate has declared successful on scoring minimum of 33% in each paper.


Every successful declared student will be awarded of D.M.C./Certificate by the Ucchtar Madhyamik Siksha Mandal Delhi, in each education programme.


There will be no restriction of age, caste, sex, region, country under open and distance education system of the board.


The medium of each education programme will be according to their Regional Language/State Language/ Country Language. But question paper will be published only in English/Hindi, student can give answer in English/Hindi or his/her state language. But it should be mentioned earlier in the examination form.


• Check and satisfy necessary information about education programme/board admission no responsibility of the institute/board after that.
• Fees once paid should not be refunded or changed under any rule.
• Every student abides to and obtains to present rule and regulations and directions of the institute/board and also those which are to be enforced time to time.
• Any change of the rules & regulation directions by the exam body shall be acceptable to the student.
• The Board/organisation run non-formal self employment education programme only and not give any guarantee for further educational use or any job.
• If any document found bogus the admission and result should be canceled automatically without any notice.
• The Board/Organisation run non-formal self employment education programme only and not give any guarantee for further educational use or any job.
• If students tails to deposit the fees in the due time the admission should be canceled without any notice and primary deposit fees should not be refunded.
• If study material or documents will be lost in the post on responsible of the institute/board.
• If any student/members/teachers/employees of any institute/center have any dispute with the board/institution it will be resolved through the committee appointed by the Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi.


the Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi is an autonomous body, which is registered under Societies Registration Act, (XXI) of 1860 for development of Secondary and Higher Secondary Level Education Facilities in all over India under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of India and programme of action 1992 Govt. of India and as its members are from professional services and they possess good experiences in theirrespective fields so their professional approach, expertise knowledge and willingness to work for the society will helps to achieve the aims and objects of Ucchtar Madhyamic Siksha Mandal Delhi. Fully and give the society, a platform to get better education facilities upto Higher Secondary Level in all over India.